Immotion Announces Elevation of Rod Findley to President & Chief Executive Officer

This week, the Board of Directors of the company announced that Rod Findley has added the Chief Executive Officer role to his title.  Immotion is a leader in location-based virtual reality experiences, focusing on installations in leading zoos, aquariums, museums, and science centers worldwide.

“Rod has proven to be an exceptional leader and has propelled Immotion to the premier role in immersive, educational entertainment for zoos, aquariums, museums, and science centers,” said Ed Wise, Executive Chairman of the Immotion Board. “He has been instrumental in the creation of this entire entertainment category and will continue to drive Immotion forward as a premier provider of immersive encounters.”

Findley had been serving as president of the Location-Based Entertainment division of Immotion Group since 2021 and as president of the company after it was taken private in March 2023. Since then, he has ensured the company’s further acceleration of growth, driving a 60% increase in revenue post-acquisition.

Findley is very optimistic about the future of VR and the potential for Immotion’s growth. “We had over two million users try our experiences across our sites in 2023 which is an amazing accomplishment, but I believe we’re just getting started,” said Rod. “We are going to continue to evolve, engaging the best technology together with the highest quality content. The demand for our approach continues to grow and we are committed to expanding our footprint around the world.”

About Immotion

Immotion offers dynamic, motion-platform virtual reality experiences, featuring live-action and animated edutainment content. With over 75 locations worldwide and over 2M unique annual users, Immotion continues to expand its network of partnerships across the US, Europe, and Asia to help leading zoos, aquariums, and museums generate ancillary revenue through its award-winning, on-mission immersive attractions.