Immotion at Boston Legoland

Immotion’s installation opens in the Boston Lego Discovery Center.

“Location-based virtual reality (VR) experiences are beginning to become more commonplace at theme parks all over the world. Visitor attraction company Merlin Entertainments have previously explored the technology at its UK parks Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, and are now teaming with immersive technology company Immotion to bring a VR attraction to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Boston.”


Lego Discovery Center



VRFOCUS said this about us.


“The Great LEGO Race VR Experience officially opened on May 12th. Sitting in the distinctive pods, riders don VR headsets and prepare for a multi-sensory escape from reality.

The new ride adds a new dimension to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center attractions-mix. Aimed at children aged 3 to ten years, existing attractions at the location include a LEGO 4D Cinema, the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and MINILAND, a miniature city constructed out of LEGO bricks.

Martin Higginson, Executive Chairman of Immotion, said the deal with Merlin demonstrated the calibre of bespoke VR experiences the company was capable of  developing on behalf of its partners”

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Martin Higginson, executive chairman of Immotion, said: “We are proud of the immersive technology behind the pod and we believe it will boost the great family fun already on offer. This is arguably Immotion’s highest-profile VR experience so far and shows that out-of-home VR is increasingly becoming a major part of the worldwide attractions and experiences industry.”

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