Immotion Signs Deal to Roll-out ‘Jurassic World VR Expedition’

Following signing a deal with The Virtual Reality Company, Immotion Group, the UK-based immersive virtual reality (“VR”) ‘Out of Home’ entertainment group, is pleased to announce it has added ‘Jurassic World VR Expedition’to its portfolio of content for its VR cinema pods. The company will offer partners this amazing experience in a two, or four-seat motion platform solution. The agreement allows Immotion to offer the experience to partners in MENA and Europe, along with select sites in the United States.

Martin Higginson, Immotion Group CEO said: “Adding ‘Jurassic World Expedition’ to our portfolio of experiences is an exciting move for the Company. This deal will further enhance our VR Cinema pod range, allowing our Partners to benefit from this iconic movie brand.”