New Installation

Visitors to Pittsburgh Zoo transported to the mountains of Rwanda

Pittsburgh Zoo became the second zoo in the USA to install the brand new Gorilla Trek immersive attraction from Immotion. Visitors were transported to the mountains of Rwanda as they boarded their virtual reality motion platform seats.

Gorilla Trek, filmed exclusively by the Immotion team, takes visitors on a journey deep into the jungles of Africa. Working with the Dian Fossey Foundation, the Immotion filmmakers were able to capture the magic of a troop of gorillas in their natural habitat. The film even captures a battle for supremacy as a young contender challenges the alpha for the top position. Using immersive technology, visitors get the opportunity to step into another world, the home of these amazing mountain gorillas.

Rod Findley, President, Location Based Entertainment of Immotion, said: “We are very pleased to have opened our Gorilla Trek VR Theater at Pittsburgh Zoo this weekend. The guest response to our 24-seat immersive theater has been tremendous.”